14 Week of Pregnancy: What you feel and Amazing Facts, Development and Growth

By the 14 week of pregnancy, many pregnant women feel more hungry, energetic, and less nauseous as early pregnancy symptoms subside. In the meantime, your baby may grow fatter and hairier by the day.

How many months are there in 14 week of Pregnancy?

You have only apx 6 month to be a Mom. 14 week of pregnancy means, you are apx 4 months pregnant. Sounds cool and happy to be a Mom in next 6 month.

What’s the size and weight of baby in your belly?

At 14 week of pregnancy, your baby is growing faster and its size is apx 3.5 inches and it’s weight is apx 50-70grams in 4 months of pregnancy.

Some Amazing Facts:

In 14 week of pregnancy, your baby may start to grow hair, filling in those eyebrows as well.

Hair doesn’t just grow on babies heads, though. She’s also covered in a layer of downy hair, which primarily provides warmth.

But it’s not there forever. When fat accumulates later in pregnancy, it’s baby fat, not yours. Some babies, especially premature babies, still have some wispy plaque at birth, but this quickly disappears. digestive system activity. The intestine produces meconium. Meconium is the waste product that makes up the first bowel movements after birth.

A favorite of (almost) all pregnant women, and for good reason! Many pregnancy worries ease in the first, so you’ll probably feel a little more energetic. With any luck, your breasts won’t be as tender as they were last trimester(A period of 3 months baby in womb) and your energy levels will return.

There is even more good news on the horizon. I have less morning sickness and less trips to the bathroom to pee. Even cooler is the fact that instead of looking like you ate too much for lunch, you might start showing off, so it might be time to hit the maternity boutique. This is because it rises from the lower abdomen. If you press just above the pelvic bone in the lower abdomen, you may be able to feel the top of the uterus, called the fundus.

14 week of Pregnancy belly size

Belly of 4 months of pregnancy | 4 months of pregnancy.

Now that you’re officially in your third trimester, it may be time to start shopping for maternity clothes in earnest. small is normal. Every woman has a different way of carrying their baby, depending on their size and shape and whether it’s their first pregnancy.

Breathe easy and know that your 14 week bump is perfect no matter what it looks like.

Stay healthy and Fit

14 Week of Pregnancy: Stay healthy and fit

As if the discomforts of pregnancy weren’t enough, you’re more susceptible to colds, flu, and other illnesses during pregnancy.

The key to staying healthy is participating in germ warfare. More than ever, the best defense is a powerful attack. Especially when germs spread like canapés in the office or at home.

Wash your hands frequently and carry liquid sanitizer for when the sink is unavailable. Do not share drinks, food, toothbrushes and avoid people with illnesses like the plague. It’s okay to banish a sick spouse to the couch.

If you think you have caught something, call your doctor as soon as possible. A doctor treats what she has, taking into account her specific needs. If antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial infections (not helpful for viruses like the common cold), don’t hesitate to take them. Because I have heard that the medicine is not safe during pregnancy. There are many, but a quick recovery is the best medicine for your baby.

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